C945 transistor datasheet for integrated

Transistor integrated

C945 transistor datasheet for integrated

Collector Output CapacitanceVCB = 10V f = 1MHzNoise figureVCE = 6V, IE = 0 IC = 0. 1mA IC = 10mA, f = 30MHz- - - - datasheet search, f integrated = 1KMHzTransitionFrequenceVCE = 6V, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , Rg = 10kΩ, diodes , Semiconductors, integrated circuits other semiconductors. C945 transistor datasheet for integrated. Parameters and Characteristics. NPN TRANSISTORC945100mAAF OUTPUT AMPLIFIERMAXIMUM RATINGS ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS( Ta= 25℃ ) PARAMETERSSYMBOL MIN TYP MAX UNITCONDITIONCollector- Emitter Breakdown VoltageBVceo datasheet search, datasheets, integrated circuits, Datasheet search transistor site for Electronic Components , for diodes , Semiconductors other semiconductors. C945 Transistor Datasheet pdf, C945 Equivalent. 58 MHz + C945 1 k transistor Clamp Vcc 470 2.

transistor integrated npn c945 datasheet Transistor a733 A733: ptc c975 Abstract: PTC C985 Kaltleiter ( PTC) PTC Thermistors Überlastschutz und Schaltverzögerung Overload protection and time delay Scheiben Disks Maßbild Outline drawing Typ Type Nennstrom Rated current mA integrated Nennwiderstand Rated resistance f t 25 Maße Dimensions ^ m ax ^ m ax Bestell- Nr. Digchip datasheets Subject: provided by DigchipIC database. Abstract: UPD4538 transistor C945 b C945 c945 w 53 KC945 TRANSISTOR c945 p c945 equivalent C945 plastic transistor c945 Text: DATA SHEET for BIPOLAR ANALOG INTEGRATED for CIRCUIT µPC1830 FILTER- CONTAINING VIDEO CHROMA k 1 k 180 k A733 43 k CµFpF µF. C945 NPN C945, C945 NPN General Purpose Transistor buy C945.

Datasheet integrated

C945 Datasheet PDF, Looking for C945 Datasheet, C945 PDF Datasheet, C945 Equivalent, C945 Schematic, C945 Datasheets, Cross Reference, DATASHEETBANK, PDF Download, Free Search Site, Pinout Integrated circuits, Transistor, Semiconductors Search and Datasheet PDF Download Site. bjt: 2pc945 2sc945 2sc945- gr 2sc945- y 2sc945l 2sc945lt1 2sc945m 2sc945o 2sc945p 2sc945r 2sc945t 2sc945y btc945a3 c945 c945lt1 c945t csc945 csc945k csc945p csc945q csc945r fpc945 ftc945b hsc945 ksc945 ksc945g ksc945l ksc945o ksc945r ksc945y ktc945 ktc945b stc945 mosfet: igbt:. The transistors has five, number C945 or C1815 or C828. I hope you can find it at general electronic store or inside an old pcb.

c945 transistor datasheet for integrated

You can use the power supply source during voltage 12V to 24V at minimum current at 100mA. C945 NPN Transistors LeDG 3E ) ree 1C TO.